possumThe possum is a pest which requires special attention. Being an indigenous animal, it is protected, which means that any removal and control requires a licensed operator. We can help you with possum control, so when you want help getting rid of possums - you need our team of professionals.

Possums can be a real issue when they get into your property. Not only will they keep you awake at night, but they can do extensive damage to your home or building. We provide professional exclusion and removal of possums from your home or business.

As with any pest control, the best measure is prevention. We can remove the possums from the ‘roof void’ by placing cages and also proofing entry points. We also use and place one-way doors, which is a more efficient and natural option and which means we don’t need to handle the possum and they remain protected. Surroundings are inspected for any possible ‘over hanging’ trees to the patios or against the house.

Our Control Methods ensures:

  • There is no harm to the possum.
  • There is no use of chemicals.
  • 100% effectiveness.

What Our Clients Say

  • Bug Busters- R-Us Pest Control has been servicing our building for nine years now. In this long span of business association, we have been served with utmost sincerity and professionalism. In todays uncertain business environment, they have done extremely well Read More
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