Wolf Spider


Lycosa godeffroyi

Family: Lycosidae
Order: Araneida

Large, robust spider 20-25mm long, overall grey-brown in colour with pattern of bars on abdomen and radiating marks on head/thorax. Front of head is vertical, with large front eyes and yellowish fang bases under head.

Southern and eastern mainland Australia. Western Australia to South Australia, Victoria, the ACT and New South Wales to Queensland. Common in open areas, paddocks, grassland and suburban gardens. Native Australian fauna. There are numerous other species of wolf spiders in all parts of Australia, most of them differing from Godeffroy's in size and colour.

wolfspider2Life history:
Lives in vertical burrow with a collar of silk but no lid. (Some other Wolf spider species, as well as some Trapdoor spiders, make a lid.) Spider may sit at lip of burrow. When provoked, may rear up in defence. Females carry egg sac attached to spinnerets under abdomen, may "sun" it. Young spiders swarm all over mother for a few days before dispersing. Mature wolf spiders sometimes wander into homes, but cannot breed or survive long indoors.

Pest Status:
Wolf spiders will bite if provoked. The effects of a bite are usually mild and may result in nausea and headaches.

No control necessary outdoors. Spiders that wander indoors can be removed outdoors or killed.

First Aid:

Seek medical attention if symptoms persist.


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